Our Philosophy

Our clients are very important to us and we continue to strive to provide them with the best customer service we can offer. Our phone systems are configured to find a "live body". A telephone support call will forward to the next Hotline representative should our primary Hotline representative be busy with another call.

Our Philosophy

VisionWare provides a consistent, reliable, attentive and "live" response even if it's just to say "We’ll get right back to you". We want our customers to feel assured that their request is important and will be handled immediately.

At VisionWare Support, your call is always toll free:
Sunix Vision Elite
Our Dedication

VisionWare understands that customers are often resistant to change.

In 2007 VisionWare implemented a series of locally centralized training seminars for all customers specific to the new Scheduler Module. This feature was significantly altered from our previous versions. As a result, the Patient Scheduler has been warmly received by all our customers as a great improvement and a great feature that is straight forward and easy to use.