Rx Pricing Files

Each month, on the 15th, an "Rx pricing update" is issued to all customers who transmit Rx’s electronically to the Essilor Group Labs.

Rx Pricing Files

Pricing files offered on this website are for use by VisionWare customers including members of the OSI,  Vision Source, Optical Group, Varilux Exclusive and DEN buying groups.

Note New Prod 2017-09A can only be used by offices that have installed the new Upgrade.

Please contact VisionWare Support for help installing pricing updates and/or software.  If you belong to multiple Buying Groups call VisionWare Support for assistance.

New Prod 2017-09A
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Lab Letter :
Buying Group:

Supporting Software

The VisionWare software is accompanied by supporting software, to customize patient labels and enable electronic sending of provincial medical care claims and Rx orders.

Supporting Software
It is highly recommended that you contact VisionWare Support for assistance with downloading all supporting software. We would be happy to help.

VisionWare Backup

We highly recommend that you create a regular backup of the VisionWare program and data files. We also recommend sending a copy of your backups into our office for verification. We will ensure your backups are complete, updated, and ready to use in case they are ever needed. We can conduct the inspection and have the backups on their way home on the same day they are received.

VisionWare Backup
Backup Drive Letter:
Path to VisionWare: